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Best Binoculars for Hunting 2019

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Career or even for fun and having best binoculars for hunting will double the fun and excitement. Binoculars enable the user to see with greater clarity and precision and are used to compensate for times when the visibility is compromised or at least, reduced.

They are used to spot and see things are that further away allowing the user to carefully stalk them without having to get too close and it is for this reason that they are typically used not only for hunting but also for bird watching as well.

The question is, which is the best hunting binoculars? What are some of the distinguishing factors that will guide me on choosing the best device for my expeditions?

Finding the right pair of binoculars for hunting can sometimes be a very daunting, or even confusing task. This article hopes will give you simple steps to choosing the right binocular for you!. Let us look at a detailed hunting binoculars reviews.

Where to Shop for Hunting Binocular

There are so many hunters today who are not aware of the best places where they can buy their hunting binoculars from. For those who know where there are good binoculars, some don’t know where to get them in an economic price. Several options are present for you to utilize when you want to buy your desired hunting binoculars.

best binoculars for hungtingOne of these best places to go to are the online stores that exclusively deal with hunting binoculars. Others like Amazon and eBay deal with not only binoculars but also other products. It’s up to you to decide on the authentic stores where you can buy the best hunting binoculars to fulfill your hunting requirements.  Retailers who sell hunting binoculars are the most ideal places to buy cheap binoculars.

All in all, buying your binoculars online helps you to save time and money. Making online purchases has proven to be cheap in all aspects. If you are within places that are entitled to free shipping, you end up saving even more. Visit the official websites of those company brands you want to buy from or go to Amazon and make your order.

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Image and Rating

Name and Features



It is particularly useful in low light applications because it comes with dielectric multi-layer coated glasses.


The binoculars come with many top end features, helping hunters to track their trails easily.


With their wide range of useful specifications fulfills the need for compact binoculars for hunting, fishing and other related activities.


With a field of view of 341 feet, these are particularly useful for keeping track of anything in motion. 


The unit comes with RainGuard, Matrix Display technology and anti-fog coating that ensures that it can maintain clarity in all lighting conditions.


With a futuristic design, Vortex Optics Diamondback 10×42 Roof Prism Binocular is a superb optical accessory that any serious hunter would want to have in the field. It is particularly useful in low light applications because it comes with dielectric multi-layer coated glasses. Essentially, it allows the users to cover a larger portion of the area and catch hold of the view quite easily.

The unit offers the facility of adjustable eye caps, which are quite useful for enhancing comfort in viewing with glasses. Additionally, it comes with O-ring seal that prevents dust, moisture, and debris from getting into the unit. In addition, the argon gas filled within the binoculars prevents fogging. The diopter adjustment allows the user to adjust the focal difference between each of the eyes.

These binoculars greatly enrich your bird watching experience and are quite best when it comes to hunting or fishing. With its high-quality lenses, the unit offers a great opportunity of getting more out of each of your hunting expeditions.




Carson 3D Series High Definition Waterproof binoculars, they have truly lived up to their name and is a favorable choice among the 8×42 category binoculars for hunting. The binoculars come with many top end features, helping hunters to track their trails easily. Some of the important features are phase correction coating on the prism glass, and fully multi-coated optical elements are the most attractive features of roof prism binoculars.

  • Quality & Design: The unit comes in polycarbonate chassis and weighs only 1.44 lb, which is relatively low when compared to other brand binoculars.
  • Protection: These binoculars have rubber armoring which gives protection against all the vibrations and bumps.
  • Waterproof and Fog Proof: Waterproof and Fog Proof feature in the unit not only prevents it against fungus but also avoids the formation of fog during critical situations like while expediting in humid areas.

The unit comes with a reasonable price range.  As they come in different colors and sizes, these units perfectly balance the performance vs. price ratio in the world of optical instruments.




A professional hunting campaign can never be a successful venture without a high-level outdoor performance binocular. USCAMEL 10×42 Military HD Binoculars with their wide range of useful specifications fulfills the need for compact binoculars for hunting, fishing and other related activities.

The unit comes with a magnesium alloy body, which makes it lightweight and easy to handle for an avid bird watcher. The BaK-4 prisms with dielectric coatings ensure that the users get to monitor the micro activity in the field under observation. Additionally, the diopter adjustment on the right eyepiece aids in eliminating the focal difference between both the eyes while viewing. The fog proof feature ensures that no debris or dust or moisture enter the unit thereby comprising the functionality of the equipment. The unit is also useful for low light operations.

The unit is best for those looking for best optics in reasonable price range. In addition to being easy on eyes, these binoculars are also comfortable in hand thereby making it quite a good option as compared to other binoculars.





Bushnell 138005 H2O Waterproof/Fog Proof Compact Binoculars are most popular among hunters, military and police personnel due to their rugged and compact design. With a field of view of 341 feet, these are particularly useful for keeping track of anything in motion. 

The users have the option of selecting from a wide variety of models as per their needs and requirements. These binoculars are versatile in their applications.

These binoculars come with 23mm objective lens providing 8X magnification which brings high contrast images that are clear and crisp. The unit is nitrogen filled for preventing fog development and for making it waterproof. The binoculars equipped with BAK4 roof prisms that allow maximum light transmission and thereby providing an accurate three-dimensional image.

Essentially, these particular binoculars are quite useful in wet conditions like when boating or in stormy weather conditions. The high contrast image provided by the binoculars ensures that this product balances the performance cost ratio quite well.




With their relatively high efficiency in the field of operation, Bushnell Fusion 1-Mile ARC binoculars are hunters all time favorite due to the excellent rangefinder features.  Equipped with the leading rangefinder laser capabilities, these are a class apart. The unit comes with RainGuard, Matrix Display technology and anti-fog coating that ensures that it can maintain clarity in all lighting conditions.

These binoculars come with BAK-4 prisms with phase correcting coating for high-quality resolution and contrast. The equipment derives its name from Angle Range Compensation laser rangefinder feature. This provides the facility of determining the distance to your targeted image within a range of 10 yards to 1760 yards. XTR technology for complete transmission of light is using in these binoculars, and corrective clothing is using to obtain images of high resolution and clarity. The protective layering on the glasses enables them to use in almost any weather conditions.

This unit is particularly useful for anyone looking for ranging equipment in a reasonable price range. The features like bullseye and brush modes are entirely novel and can use in various applications.




For those gurus in the hunting field, they know exactly what they need during any hunting expedition. For the amateurs, one of the key things that determine your success or failure during any hunting experience is the binoculars you have in your hand or rather around your neck.

A binoculars used for hunting may be quite different from those used for other outdoor activities. Remember that the animals are not stationary and what you have on your eyes had to factor in this situation. There are several factors that will guide you whenever you are choosing hunting binoculars. Just read on and you will get enlightened:

best hunting binoculars

1. Understand the Numbers

Two numbers are used for the reference of binoculars with an example being 10 x 50 or 7 x 35. The number preceding “x” is referred to as the magnification factor or rather the power. This means that the 7 x 35 makes the object to appear 7 times larger or rather closer than when you use your naked eyes. Similarly, the 10 x 50 shows that the object will be projected 10 times closer than when using naked eyes.

The number that precedes the “x” is the main objective lens’s diameter in millimeters. This means 10 x 50 lenses measure 50mm in their diameter. Similarly, 7 x 35 means that the diameter of its objective lenses are 35mm. the exit pupil value is gotten by dividing the second number by the first. The pupil value is also the diameter of that light beam that will reach your eye. The units are in millimeters. For the two examples above, the pupil value is 35/7=5mm and 50/10= 5mm.

hunting binoculars - magnification

The higher the magnification power, the dimmer the ultimate image will be. The field of view is narrow; the image seen is large and consequently harder to keep your image in focus. Choosing a pair of binoculars that are having a magnification 10 x or greater will require you to also get a tripod stand for the mounting of the binoculars to enhance steadiness when needed. If you are interested in a wider field of view, the lower magnification lenses will do.

The larger objective lenses are able to gather more light. Such are important in places with low light activities that include hunting at either dawn or at dust and in astronomy. The downside is that the larger the size of the lenses, the heavier it will weigh. In general, a majority of binoculars have their objective lenses ranging from between 30mm to 50mm. compact devices however 25mm as the diameter of their lenses have while the lenses of astronomical binoculars are more than 50mm.

The larger the size of the exit pupil, lighter will reach the eyes of the user. Depending with the little availability of light, the human eye is able to dilate from 2mm to 7mm. ideally one should go for an exit pupil with a value which will match with the width your eye is able to dilate.

2. Objective Lens Size

Most of the hunters will always leave for the fields early before dawn and come back late in the afternoon or even in the evening. For this reason, the ability to gather light and make the image to become bright and visible is very critical. In a nutshell, the best objective lenses should be as large as possible. The quality of the lens together with the coatings not forgetting the prisms also have a pivotal role to play in your choice. This is because they have a part to play in transferring the most possible amount of light to your eyes. The only two cons associated with these big objective lenses is the fact that they make the binoculars to be heavy and quite expensive. Modern ones however are relatively lighter than the old ones.

Just like a majority of things, there is need of striking a compromise for one to get the best hunting binoculars for their money. Most of the full size binoculars have an objective lens of 42mm diameter while compact ones tend to have between 22mm and 26mm. The 42mm is the best but a good compromise if you want a light travel is to go for the medium sized ones having 32mm diameter of objective lenses.

3. Magnification & Field of View

It is an imagination by many that the best binoculars for hunting are those having a higher magnification. This is however not very true since it’s quite difficult for the image being viewed to be kept still through the optics. Any slight movements are always further magnified by the higher magnifications.  In addition to this, the field of view is largely reduced by higher magnification. It is very difficult to spot the game whenever the field of view is narrow. When you are especially scanning through large areas, this becomes difficult.

The tracking of faster-moving animals such as the rattlesnake is also very difficult with large magnifications. For this reason, your terrain will determine the type of magnification to go for. If your hunting terrain is majorly the forests and the woods, low magnification is the best choice for you as this has a very wide field of view together with the ability of gathering plenty of light. An 8×42 binocular will be ideal or even the 8×32 and 8×30 for those interested in a more compact one.

Magnification & Field of View

4. High Powered Binoculars for Hunting

For those doing their hunting expeditions on the mountains together with other wide areas, the larger magnification binoculars are the most ideal. This is because the obviously will need to observe animals at very long distances. However, it is worth keeping in mind that narrower the field of view, the more hampered you will be when searching the areas. A 10x, 12x and even greater ones in some occasions are the best for such areas.

5. Binocular Durability & Design – Waterproof together with Fog proof

When you are spending time in the wilderness, you definitely expect to experience all the sorts of weather conditions. You expect to experience both extremities. However, the most challenging weather conditions that affect the functionality of binoculars are water and fog. You, therefore, need to go for sealed binoculars as these prevent moisture, debris, and dust from coming in hence longer lasting. Looking out for fog proof binoculars is also a plus for you. These are filled with either nitrogen or argon gas so as to inhibit the internal fogging that’s caused by extreme temperatures.

Going for binoculars that have tough rubber armor helps you to be sure your binoculars are safe from knocks, scratches, and drops. A camouflage exterior is at times quite helpful although not very necessary or rather essential. This helps in keeping you out of sight. There are many color variations and other manufactures even include camo-versions in their design hence keeping you out of sight.

6. Prism design

A good number of binoculars have been designed with the spacing between their main lenses being much wider than that between the eyepieces. This is credited to the use of Porro prisms that’s employed in their design.  Although this makes the devices to appear much larger, the nearby objects being focused are projected in more 3-D form. Other binoculars use roof prisms which aligns the main lenses with the eyepiece. This design makes the binoculars to be more compact, unfortunately at the expense of your image quality. For these devices to be made to produce images of the same quality as those of the Porro prisms, one has to spend some extra hundreds of dollars.

Prism-binoculars for hunting

BK-7 prisms are used for the less expensive binoculars. These binoculars do tend to square off an image side while the BAK-4 prism binoculars, that are more expensive delivers rounder, sharper images as well as more light.

7. Eye Cups

These are very much related to the eye reliefs since they are meant to keep that distance from your eyes to the Oculars as they also help to keep any stray light away from interfering with your eyes as you use the binoculars. Most of the eye cups are rubber made and can be rolled up or down while other types slide instead of rolling. The latter can be very hard to keep in position hence you’d rather go for the former.

Eyecups that twist are the most commonly used versions today. These can be twisted up and down and left in a given position, rather than all way up or even all way down. Some have even been designed with clicks to stop regular with the eye relief distance since each stop has been marked on the cup making it easy for you to get the perfect eye relief for that vision of yours.

Among the best hunting designs of eyecups have shades/flaps on their sides. These prevent light from entering through the sides as well as stopping any distractions from the sides and the periphery of the hunter’s view. If your binoculars didn’t come with these, it’s important you look for those that can fit your eye cup.

8. Weight of Hunting Binoculars

The weight of a pair of binoculars is primarily determined by the magnification of the objective lenses. This is because the magnification of the lenses is always directly proportional to their corresponding sizes. This means that the higher the magnification power, the larger the lenses and by extension, the heavier the binoculars. Mounting the binoculars on a tripod stand is the best way of compensating this weight. However, the use of straps can also be employed though this is not as effective as the former. However, if you are planning for long distance travels, it’s advisable that you consider the less powerful and lighter binoculars.

9. Binocular Manufacturer Brand and Selling Stores

When you come across a high-tech pair of binoculars being advertised but the brand is new in the market, do not make haste to buy the product. Let others buy it and test it before they can recommend others to go for it or not. It’s very discouraging to spend your $200 on binoculars that you thought was a high-performance one only to realize that you have been given a run for your hardly earned money. Instead, go for the more established company brands such as Vanguard, Nikon, Vortex, Bushnell and Celestron that have a good reputation. In addition to the brand, buy your binoculars from only reliable dealers such as the official company websites and Amazon among others.

10.  Price

Price is a very important factor when it comes to choosing binoculars. It’s not worth it spending too much, say over $500 yet there are cheaper binoculars that are durable and able to perform even better than the expensive ones. However, let the price not be the primary guiding factor. Look for the cameras that have the best specifications before you can start eliminating the expensive ones and landing on the best cheapest binoculars. Do not do a mistake of buying the spotting scopes as these are not as durable as the binoculars. Still within the binoculars, look for those having warranties that are decades long.

Checklist for Buying Hunting Binoculars

Checklist for Buying a Hunting Binoculars

Whenever you want to buy something good, you need to have a checklist so as not to blunder. The checklist for buying hunting binocular must include the following;

  • For what purpose are you intending to buy the binocular for? The answer for this question is obviously hunting. You need not just any type of binoculars but hunting binoculars.
  • What type of coating lens among those designed for hunting binoculars do you need? Each hunting experience has a given type that suits it hence the need to know which one you need.
  • What is the size and nature of the field of view that you are in need of? Knowing this will absolutely lead you to know the binoculars with the optics that suit you most.
  • What is the power & objective lens of the hunting binocular you need? The environment where you want to hunt will guide you in this. If your field of hunting is the woods, you definitely need the least possible magnification. In contrast, if you will be hunting in the plains and the mountains, a 10× magnification may be the most suitable.
  • Safety and durability is yet another issue. Is the binoculars waterproof and fog proof? If yes, then you can buy it.
  • Does this binocular fulfill all my requirements? This is yet another important question to be answered. If it doesn’t fulfill, don’t be in a hurry. Don’t just buy it.
  • Lastly, how much have I allocated for the binoculars?

Buying good binoculars is really a true investment for any pro hunter. Look for the best and don’t fear to spend on it as the returns will be more. Beginners and professionals alike will get binoculars that suit them at Amazon.

How to Use Binoculars for Hunting?


The binoculars you equip yourself with determine how professional you are in hunting. There is a great need that you have the best quality high-tech optic devices to become a successful hunter. It is also important for you to know the best places to get these devices. It won’t be prudent enough for you to get the best binoculars for your hunting expeditions at double the price you would have acquired it for. That’s why a complete hunter must know the specifications of the binoculars they want, the brands that are most recommended as well as the most reliable stores where they can get the products of their choice.

As a new hunter, get all the facts from the reliable sources and your first experience in the field will be a thrilling one. In case you have already started hunting and your returns are quite discouraging, there is a possibility that the binoculars you are using aren’t adding lots of value to your expeditions. Of course, you are always going to get what you pay for, just make the right decisions and choice and get out to the field. The returns will absolutely be more than encouraging.

I hope this has helped you move a little closer to making your decision, or perhaps even sealing the deal and taking the plunge with what is to become your best hunting binoculars

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